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Singer-songwriter Hu Hongjin (left) poses in front of a poster of his new album with Shen Lihui Benjamin Pavard Coupe Monde Maillot , founder of Modern Sky.
Singer-songwriter Wu Hongjin, better known as Zuoxiao Zuzhou, recently released his latest album, We Need a Troubadour, in Beijing. Wu's lyrics are obscure, and his music is considered non-mainstream.

Wu has released 17 studio albums during his decade long career, and made headlines for the way he prices his albums, ranging from 30 to 500 yuan ($4.90 to $81.61).

The 44 year-old is comfortable with the controversy Hugo Lloris Coupe Monde Maillot , but will only answer questions from reporters after they listen to his music. At a recent media conference to introduce his new album, Wu played three full length music videos before taking questions.

Some music critics say his singing skills are below average, and the stories he tells in his songs are difficult to understand. In his previous albums, Wu is heard screaming and roaring, but his latest work is more toned down.

His new album features 11 songs, and Wu invited Taiwan singer-songwriters Bobby Chen, Sandee Chan and Hong Kong singer-songwriter Anthony Wong, to sing with him on three of the tracks: Take A Picture Wissam Ben Yedder France Maillot , Pacific Breeze and The Most Absurd.

"I want to show you my spiritual world is shared by these talented musicians," he says.

"Looking back on my history, you will see that it usually takes about five to 10 years for my songs to be understood and welcomed. So for the new album, I am not worried. I don't want to explain too much because I think it is stupid."

Shen Lihui, the founder and head of Modern Sky, China's biggest indie music label, produced and released Wu's latest album.

"Though he looks unreliable, Wu finished all of his work ahead of schedule Alphonse Areola France Maillot ,” Shen says. "This time he is also reasonable about pricing his album, which is being sold for 85 yuan."

Wu has a loyal fanbase, and his songs such as I Can't Sit Sadly By Your Side and You Know Where the East Is are mainly popular among his diehard fans. Some of Wu's songs "make people feel scared, while others make you laugh", says Shen.

Wu is also known for being a contemporary artist, poet and sound track composer. In 2006, he worked with film director Jia Zhangke on his movie, The World Lucas Hernandez France Maillot , and the two became good friends. In 2012, Wu also wrote the soundtrack for director Gu Changwei's film, Love for Life, which starred actress Zhang Ziyi and HongKong star Aaron Kwok.

One of Wu's diehard fans, writer Han Han, wrote lyrics for Wu's new song, Pacific Breeze. Wu's songs are "humorous, sentimental and downtoearth" Laurent Koscielny France Maillot , Han wrote on his micro blog.

Wu attributes his unique style to his upbringing. He was raised in the small town of Jianhu in Jiangsu province. He joined the army and later went to Shanghai, where he sold smuggled tape cassettes.

Wu says his music, artwork and novels are based on the lives of real people in China's cities and suburbs. Wu moved to Beijing in 1993 and founded the art group Beijing East Village with some other avantgarde artists.

Early in his career, Wu played with a rock band named No. The group shocked people with their unique sound, explosive vocals and disordered guitar chords.

Wu, who is now a father, says his style has mellowed a bit after 20 years of making rock music.

"Some things about me have changed, but other things haven't. One thing that has changed about me is that I gained some weight Anthony Martial France Maillot ," Wu says, pointing to his belly.

"Both music and contemporary art function differently for people," he adds. "For me, music serves as raw material and a way to make a good living."

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