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slim xtreme slimming capsule

"Hello fat belly, time to get you in shape fat belly!" I looked down, I used to be able to see my girly slit, but now I see fat belly, and fat belly seemed to be taking over. I had to put a stop to it! I wanted to see my girl thing, I haven't seen her in far too long.
  Yep, that was me a few months ago. I had a pouch, a poke, a belly growth. Nope, I wasn't pregnant either, but you would think it, I was eating for two.
  Before actually trying to loose weight the RIGHT way, I tried it the lazy way. Promises on diet pill bottles. I tried em' all, stacker one, two, three, two ,one, metabolife, ginko bilobosomething with ginseng, cider diet pills, tea diet pills.... It seemed the only ones that worked they banned, those SOBS! You know you ephedra morons, you'll die if you swallow the whole bottle of anything! Ugh!
  Anyways, they never worked, but when Relacore hit my television set with a commercial telling me my weight gain was from stress, I believed mzt it! Oh yeah those 2 dinners I had been having every night had nothing to do with it...heavens no, I'm stressed! Detox Foot Patch Lady on the TV with thin thighs and flat tummy, you's is right! A bulging midsection is not my fault! Hehe, I like her, she's perdy. She knows me.
  I ran off to CVS in hopes that I would find this wonder pill, this pill that blames stress on my fat and not me. My jaw dropped when I saw the price, nearly $40.00 for a pack of pills. However when I began reading the promises on the bottle, again I was sucked in. It promised a significant weight  loss in 30 days. Oh yeah.
  When I got home, I popped one pill and downed it with a glass of soda. My diet pill diet officially starts NOW. Uh-Hehe. I patted my tum, and let out a burp. Oh that burp made me feel thinner. They must be working.
  I didn't feel any less stress, I didn't feel any happier, I felt the same, so I took another pill. 2 is okay to take. As I sifted the bottle upside down a piece of paper fell out, a bunch of booyah about how diet and exercise should be done in order to see faster/better results.
  Dammit, the message in the diet pill bottle. We all know what they mean. They mean if you don't do some exercise, and if you don't diet while taking these pills ain't nothing gunna happen. Great.
  I may have lost weight, because in my head I thought they'd work, but once I saw the message of doom, I knew... fat belly was staying fat belly. I chucked the pills and got my big gut onto the treadmill. I knew that I was going to have to take this one step...or sprint at a time. There is no magical diet pill, I'm not stressed, I'm just a greedy ass, and it is about time I do something about it.
  I continued to take Relacore for a few weeks while dieting and exercising only because in my head they were the reason for my weight loss. In all reality, I'm the reason. I began eating normal sized meals, and exercising every other day. The Relacore pills now sit somewhere in some local dump. I Slimming Patch free shipping chucked them out, and realized I had to stop relying on false pills that promised weight loss.
  I never looked it up though, didn't care too. If you want to loose weight, don't think Relacore is gong to aid you in your quest. If you are dieting and exercising while taking Relacore, stop giving your credit to a pill.
  The FDA didn't even approve of these pills, and high levels of cortisol (the ingredient in Relacore) has some serious health issues you may want to know about. Visit  to read Relacores side effects.
  Scary huh?



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