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1. Look for an offset printer in your locale or by mail order who charges $12 or $13 per thousand for printing 100 9×12’s, both sides.

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3. On a 9×12 sheet of paper you can get six 3×6 circulars.

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7. Both copies are then transported to the printer for printing.

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URUMQI Bears Tarik Cohen Jersey , Sept. 29 (Xinhua) -- Horses are uncommon in most Chinese cities, but in Kazanqi, horse-drawn carriages with distinctive decorative harnesses are a part of the traffic Bears Adam Shaheen Jersey , sharing the roads with cars, bikes and pedestrians.

Kazanqi in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is inhabited by Uygurs Women's Hroniss Grasu Jersey , Hui, Kazaks and Uzbeks. Uygurs account for 77 percent of the population.

In the Uygur language, Kazanqi means "people who earn a living by making cooking pots." Since opening for business in 2008 Women's Jonathan Bullard Jersey , the tourist resort has been recognized among Chinese as a place to experience the traditional lifestyle of Xinjiang's ethnic minorities.

Ayizokran Yusuf, 21, has been working as a guide in Kazanqi since she graduated from a local college in 2015. In peak season Women's John Timu Jersey , she handles about five tour groups each day but as the weather cools, there are just one or two groups.

"I love meeting different people every day, sharing my knowledge and learning about the lives of the tourists Women's Mitch Unrein Jersey ," Yusuf said.

Dressed in traditional Uygur clothing, Yusuf entertains her crowds as she explains to them the history and culture of her people. She tells them the stories behind the buildings, and explains to tourists .



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