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WASHINGTON J.J. Watt Black Jersey , March 23 (Xinhua) -- Scientists have found a new gene linked to body fat distribution in research that may help explain why you have an apple or pear shape.

Researchers from the Duke University reported Monday in the U.S. journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that a gene called Plexin D1 could control both where fat is stored and how fat cells are shaped, known factors in health and even the risk of future disease.

"This work identifies a new molecular pathway that determines how fat is stored in the body, and as a result, affects overall metabolic health," said senior author John Rawls Deshaun Watson Black Jersey , associate professor of molecular genetics and microbiology at Duke University School of Medicine. "Moving forward, the components of that pathway can become potential targets to address the dangers associated with visceral fat accumulation."

The researchers chose zebrafish for this study since their transparent bodies were easy to observe and found those genetically engineered to lack Plexin D1 had less abdominal or visceral fat, the kind that lends some humans a characteristic apple shape, than their normal counterparts.

Previous research has shown that people with an apple shape are more likely to develop diabetes and heart disease than those who have bigger hips and thighs, also described as being pear-shaped.

The same effect was observed in zebrafish. Those who were knocked out of the gene were protected from insulin resistance Kids J.J. Watt Jersey , a precursor of diabetes, even after eating a high-fat diet.

And that may be because that the visceral fat tissue of the mutant zebrafish was composed of smaller, but more numerous cells, which the researchers said are known to decrease the risk of insulin resistance and metabolic disease in humans.

In contrast, their normal siblings had visceral fat tissue containing larger Kids Deshaun Watson Jersey , but fewer fat cells of the kind known to be more likely to leak inflammatory substances that contribute to illness.

Bolstering the zebrafish findings, collaborators at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden analyzed human patient samples and showed that levels of Plexin D1 were higher in individuals with type 2 diabetes, suggesting it may play a similar role in humans.

The researchers also used mice to study the function of Plexin D1, but all of the animals altered to lack the gene died at birth.

Next, they planned to search for other genes as well as environmental factors that are involved in the biology of body fat Womens J.J. Watt Jersey , again using zebrafish models.

"Our results indicate that the genetic architecture of body fat distribution is shared between fish and humans, which represents about 450 million years of evolutionary divergence," Rawls said. " For these pathways to have been conserved for so long suggests that they are serving an important role."


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Do certain athletes have injury gene, ask Australian researchers

MELBOURNE, March 6 (Xinhua) -- Some athletes always seem to get injured while others enjoy long Womens Deshaun Watson Jersey , healthy careers, so Australian researchers are now investigating a question posed by many sports fans: Do some athletes carry the injury gene?

Legendary basketballer Ken Griffey junior and current Australian cricketer Shane Watson know how persistent injuries can stagnant a sports career.

Victoria University's Dr Nir Eynon told Xinhua on Friday his team of Australian and South African researchers are looking closely at the genes of patients who have ruptured their anterior crucial ligament (ACL) in a non-contact situation.

When you're playing golf badly it isn't a lot of fun. You need great hand-eye coordination, balance, athletic ability and creativity to play golf. You may receive all the greatest golf tips in the world, take countless lessons and get superior instruction and still may not be able to gain consistency.

If you've hit with your golf driver perfectly once Authentic J.J. Watt Jersey , you can do it every time; the subconscious mind knows the correct number and sequence of muscle contractions and nerve impulses needed, called muscle memory. Concentrate totally on your game and you'll get the best score. Always be aware the mental aspect of the game contributes one way or another to the difficulty of the golf swing.

Swing slowly and steadily using a nice rhythm. At the end of a backswing the hands are above the right shoulder, with the golf club pointing more or less in the intended direction of ball flight. Accomplished golfers purposely use sidespin to steer their ball around obstacles or towards the safe side of fairways and greens.

Sidespin occurs when the clubface is not aligned perpendicularly to the plane of swing. As the body matures, the ability to rotate the upper torso is affected by age, and the hand action can also slow down requiring a slightly stronger grip. Ask your golf pro to evaluate your posture while swinging.

Pick out a spot on the course Authentic Deshaun Watson Jersey , preferably the green of the fairway, and concentrate on hitting the ball to that spot. At the end of a swing, the weight has shifted almost entirely to the left foot, the body is fully turned to the left and the hands are above the left shoulder with the club hanging down over the players' back. Use the muscles in your legs and trunk when you swing.

The backswing is a rotation to the right, consisting of a shifting of the player's body weight to the right side J.J. Watt Jersey , a turning of the pelvis and shoulders, lifting of the arms and flexing of the elbows and wrists. Putting can become a nightmare and a condition called the 'yips' has affected not only amateurs but professionals as well; get expert advice and consider a golf swing aid.

Hold a medicine ball and turn back and forth; it must be rotational to improve your driving distance. The state of the physical condition is very often overlooked as a possible cause of golf swing problems. To prevent inj.



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