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Factories forced to halt production as PM2.5 reaches 250

Authorities in Beijing announced on Sunday that the city's air pollution alert has been upgraded from yellow to orange - the highest smog alert of the year - and industrial plants are required to reduce or shut down production.

According to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center Calvin Munson Jersey , Sunday's daily pollution reading showed that the air was "very hazardously polluted" and that the concentration of airborne particles smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter - PM2.5 - reached 250 micrograms per cubic meter in six districts of Beijing.

High humidity, strong thermal inversion and low wind speed are among the disadvantageous meteorological conditions preventing pollutants' dispersion, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau explained on Sunday.

Hazardous air pollution conditions will last until Tuesday, when a cold front is due to arrive, according to the Beijing's environmental protection bureau.

Beijing issued a yellow alert on Friday Kerry Wynn Jersey , requiring industrial plants to reduce or shut down production and forcing building and demolition at construction sites to stop.

Under an orange alert like that issued Sunday, apart from the suspension of production at industrial plants, construction sites are also required to halt the transportation of materials and waste, and heavy-duty trucks are banned from the roads.

According to the National Meteorological Center (NMC), several regions in North China - including the municipalities of Beijing and Tianjin as well as Hebei Orleans Darkwa Jersey , Henan, Shandong, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces - have been plagued by smog from Sunday to Monday.

The NMC announced the dispatch of inspection teams to several cities to reinforce violations checks, such as those involving discharge from coal-fired and industrial plants, outdoor barbecues and the burning of stubble fields.

The inspection groups will also supervise local governments' initiation of heavy pollution emergency plans and will inspect their efforts to battle air pollution Brandon Marshall Jersey , including the removal of heavily-polluting vehicles and dust pollution control at construction sites.

According to the NMC, any entity that fails to make a full effort to implement air pollution control policies will be held accountable.

The NMC also warned the public to take protective measures when engaging in outdoor activities and advised those who suffer from respiratory diseases to stay indoors.

The heavy pollution has induced many residents to wear masks over the weekend, and Net users joked that residents in North China are "waiting for the wind" to bring back a clear sky.

China has a four-tier color-coded air pollution warning system, in which red represents the most severe pollution conditions, followed by orange Ereck Flowers Jersey , yellow and blue.

For many businesses that own a vehicle fleet, major decision makers know that alternative fueling options exist, however they may not know is how easy it is to convert their gasoline or diesel vehicles into a cleaner burning, low cost fueling system. There are many advantages to choosing one of the alternative fueling options available on the market including: compressed natural gas, liquid propane and bi-fuel systems. The benefits are surprising Darian Thompson Jersey , when many drivers and fleet managers discover how quickly savings accumulate, and the safety that is provided by choosing to convert fueling systems.

The Benefits of Choosing an Alternative Fuel Option

1.Compressed natural gas is a popular conversion choice as it offers many benefits to the environment including:

鈥ower Fossil Fuel Emissions- This includes substantially lower amounts of: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide Sterling Shepard Jersey , particulates and mercury.

鈥ower Green Houses Gases-These gases include: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxides, and some engineered chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons.

鈥mproves smog, air quality and the occurrence of acid rain

Choosing compressed natural gas improves the environment and contributes to a greener business.

2.Cost Saving Benefits

Businesses that convert their fueling systems will see cost saving benefits throughout the lifespan of their vehicles including:

鈥owered fuel costs

鈥onger intervals in between maintenance

鈥overnment refunds and tax benefits

In engine life and maintenance fees alone liquid propane and compressed natural gas can potentially save fleets thousands of dollars a year Eli Apple Jersey , which can be put toward new vehicles, and other expansion opportunities.

3.Domestic Energy Security

The United States imports 60% of its petroleum and two-thirds of which are used to fuel vehicles in the form of gasoline or diesel. Using natural gas, which can be bought domestically or purchased through politically stable countries, reduces the US dependence on fueling sources.


Vehicles with natural gas fueling systems have an excellent safety track record. It is non-toxic, and has no potential for ground or water contamination in the event of a fuel release. Natural gas is lighter than air and dissipates rapidly when released. An odorant is added to provide a distinctive and intentionally disagreeable smell that is easy to recognize. Natural gas will not burn in concentrations below 5% or above approximately15% when mixed with air. Gasoline and diesel burn at much lower concentrations and ignite at lower temperatures.

5.Conversions are a Practical Solution

Many companies know that purchasing new vehicles that run on electricity or have been built with alternative fuel tanks is not a cost-effective option Wayne Gallman Jersey , especially when the existing vehicles are already in good working condition. Fuel tank conversions are the affordable solution. Whether the fueling system is for compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid propane injections (L.



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