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OSLO, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) -- More than 23,000 primary school pupils in Norway are taking part in an environmental competition throughout September by walking, cycling or using public transport on the way between home and school, newspaper VG reported on Tuesday.

The goal of the competition named Beintoft, or "tough-legged," is to make children aware of sustainable development and to reduce carbon dioxide pollution in the areas where they live.

This would lead both to cleaner air and safer school roads, said Are Shaw Waage, leader of Eco-Agents, a children's environmental organization that organized the national competition.

"In the first week of the competition there is a focus on traffic safety and we encourage the kids to take photos when doing the 'Silly Walk' to school. Children today are too young to remember Monty Python, but they saw an inspiring video and found it very interesting," Waage said, referring to a British comedy group and their television show.

"The purpose is to spread the engagement for the climate and environment among children and youth," he said.

More than 1,000 classes from the whole country have already registered and by now they have already covered 69,067 km.

On Oct. 1 the settlement will be made and it will be measured how long the children cycle or use collective transportation and how much carbon dioxide is saved by not driving.

The best classes of 1st to 7th grade on national level will get a reward of 10,000 kroner (1,211 U.S. dollars). The same amount will also be given to the winner classes in five regions, as well as to the winners of weekly assignments.

The best class in the whole Beintoft competition will win 30,000 kroner, which will be used for the whole class and contribute to further activities.

"The needs and wishes of the schools differ a lot, but the money can be used for example for new bicycle racks, garden crates, kick scooters for the whole class or garbage bins in the school yard," Waage said. (1 U.S. dollar = 8.26 kroner)

Treating a cold sore is really a pain. They are unsightly and usually quite painful. Cold sores really interrupt our social lives. And they seem to show up at the most inconvenient times for treating a cold sore.

Unlike many diseases that do their damage internally James Neal Jersey , cold sores only occur on the surface. Because of this, they can be easily cured. If this same damage occurred internally, cold sores could be a threat to your life.

Treating a cold sore successfully means you must adjust the treatment based on the stage of your cold sore symptoms.

These are the variations of treatment methods for each symptom.

1. Itching or tingling is the first sign of a outbreak. This tells you that the herpes simplex virus has come out of latency and has moved to the surface to replicate. It replicates by entering the cells and forcing them to create clones of the virus.

At this stage you should put something cold on the area. Ice cubes in a plastic bag work well. You can also use a cold can of soda. Cold really discourages the virus and can cause it to give up before it actually creates the sore.

2. Once the virus actually enters the cells Customized Vegas Golden Knights Jersey , swelling begins to occur. Cold application is still the best treatment at this stage. Apply for 15 minutes at a time. This always helps swelling, and does give some comfort.

3. If you did not stop the virus before this point, the sore will now break open and start weeping fluid teaming with new virus. This is caused by the destruction of thousands of nerve cells. From now on Adidas Golden Knights Jersey , your outbreak is in the healing phase.

Ice will still provide great comfort, and reduce swelling. But, unfortunately Alex Tuch Golden Knights Jersey , it slows down the healing process by driving blood away from the area.

During the open wound stage, treating a cold sore includes keeping it as sterile as possible by cleaning with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide often.

Applying a drug store product with a numbing agent, like Campho-Phenique Nate Schmidt Golden Knights Jersey , can greatly improve comfort without using ice.

4. Treating a cold sore, from this point on, calls for applying warmth as much as possible. This will speed healing by bringing more blood to the area.

Continue to keep the area sterile. Also Jonathan Marchessault Golden Knights Jersey , continue applying the comfort treatment (numbing agent) of your choice. Keep in mind that most all drug store oral herpes treatments are for comfort and do not speed healing.

HOW TO APPLY HEAT. To apply healing warmth, you can use a washcloth or paper towel dipped in hot water. You also can dampen the washcloth and warm up in your microwave. Just be careful not to burn your skin.

A better method, in my opinion Brad Hunt Golden Knights Jersey , is to use a warm tea bag. This way of treating a cold sore not only speeds healing from the heat, but also bathes the area with anti-viral compounds found in tea. Lemon balm herb and mint seem to be especially useful in this regard.

PLEASE USE CAUTION. Cold sores are extremely contagious. You can easily infect others or create new areas of infection on yourself.

Each cold sore family creates cold sores in the same area. If you have an outbreak on your nose, and one on your lip William Karlsson Golden Knights Jersey , these are caused by two separate infections. The most troublesome is spreading it to your eyes. This can cause permanent vision loss.

When you are treating a cold sore, protect your fingers from being contaminated. If you must itch or treat the sore, use a tissue or cotton ball. Wash your hands after treatment. The use of hand sanitizing lotion is an excellent way of preventing the spread of the disease.

Cold application is for slowing the growth at the beginning David Perron Golden Knights Jersey , and heat is for quick healing. Keep the cold sore clean and avoid contaminating your fingers w.



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